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About Olympic Patent Works

We have created a new type of law firm, more like a professional guild than a traditional law firm. We accept only well-qualified members in our guild. Modern technological and scientific endeavors are generally complex and conceptually demanding. Modern technological and scientific companies are generally extremely demanding and discriminating in hiring research and development personnel. We feel that similar care should be employed in selecting patent counsel, and we seek to associate with patent attorneys who have, and continue to maintain, backgrounds that would enable them to work in research and development.

Our Policies

In order to prepare a patent application, we prefer to initially receive written descriptions of invention from our clients. We then generally interview inventors by telephone, often for as little as 15 minutes, but rarely more than an hour, prior to undertaking work. We try to avoid unnecessary travel, and we generally do not bill for time that we need to develop an adequate technical and scientific background in order to work on a particular patent application. Client responsiveness can greatly assist us in producing high quality work at reasonable rates

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